Thursday, February 23, 2017


     Like every other day, I decided to clean the office today. However, today was just so much different than any other day. What I am about to tell you may sound crazy but all I can say is that the beauty in the way God communicates is just amazing. 

Anyways, where was I?

Ooooh Yeah... 

I put on my gloves and started washing the mop cloth. I could literally feel the water running through the gloves as if it were touching my bare skin. 

Side Note: I love anything that has to deal with water: The Beach, waterfalls, pools, etc. Water to me represents peace. It is so much greater than us but yet harmless. 


For one second I closed my eyes and I felt through the water what I feel in God's presence, peace. As I opened my eyes I realized the water had no type of contact with my skin but yet it felt so real. 

Now take a moment to ask yourself: Am I choosing to KNOW OF GOD or am I choosing TO KNOW GOD. 

Sometimes we continue walking through the same path believing for something new to pop up but reality is if we don't give a chance to new and unknown routes then we will just end up back to where we started. Continuously, falling into the same cycle of life and being miserable. 
THANK GOD for giving us FREE WILL. Free will to take off the gloves and feel the water. To not just have the feeling of peace but actually having the ability to experience peace. 

So YES, I am GRATEFUL that we all have the power to choose our path in life. Today I took off the gloves of stagnation and chose to take one more step towards my destiny. As I did, now I encourage you. No longer do you have to continue to walk through the desert. Today I pray in Jesus name that all the chains are broken and like Moses, the sea is parted for you to walk through. 


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