Tuesday, February 7, 2017


We go around life trying to please everyone around us to the point that we sometimes forget about our own existence. Trying to fix everyone else's problems, making everyone else happy and even bringing some type of meaning to everyone else's life except our own. We lose track of time (keep in mind... time doesn't wait for anyone) & next thing you know 2 years, 5 years or even 7 years pass and we are still struggling with the same situation but everyone else seems to have progress. All those people that we choose to take control of their life's move on and do better but we... we stay stuck in our same cycle. 

You may ask yourself but why?


I'll tell you why... because sometimes we are so afraid to deal with our own messed up situations that we rather deal with others. We choose to forget about ourselves and hide behind that fact that we are "helping" someone else. 

Well THANK GOD for giving us free will, right? 

Giving us such a power to choose our path in life. 

Sometimes I don't know if to be grateful or to be afraid... 

                                          To be continued...

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