Thursday, March 23, 2017

There is life in Jesus Christ

It's so crazy how sometimes we think we can hide ourselves from God. Through every moment of laughter and smiles, we just ease the pain enough to manage it around those that surround us. Constantly speaking with our inner voice, trying to make sense of it all, but at the end you just end up in the same place. Feeling so much lower than you did in the morning. Every thought that you just patched up during the day begins to unfold and burst out like a bomb all at once. The silent tears and constant mind battles begin but yet again you wake up the next morning hoping that the pain will end someday. Some say, "Well I have NO faith in God" but reality is if you are still waking up in the morning, still hoping then you have faith that their might be a god somewhere in the sky. All I'm saying today is there isn't a god, THERE IS A GOD. A God who loves you regardless of who you are or where you came from. A God that collects every silent tear that you shed at night. A God that even when you run away, He chases after you. A God that knows you better than you know yourself. A God that gives you your true identity and only wants the best for you. So let's stop hiding and allow God to do something different today. That your past situation doesn't have to be your current situation. That your beginning doesn't have to be your ending because There is life in Jesus Christ.  

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