Wednesday, May 24, 2017


The sun is finally out, 
the wind is blowing through the palm trees, 
And the birds are singing through the blue skies.

Swirling through the beauty of this glorious day that the Lord has made. 
As the colors of the flowers bring joy to the trials.
The sweet smell of fresh cuban bread brings hope to the poor. 

The soothing sounds of the endless blue waters
And the smooth touch of the light brown sand;
Two for one therapy session for those in need.

Finally, life seems like its close to perfect, but wait JUST A MINUTE...

Where did the sun go?
Suddenly, The day is gloomy, the streets are empty
And Silence overpowers everything.
The thoughts of cars clashing
 And buildings trembling crawl into a ball of fear.


Escape with hope or run through the uproar road with faith



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