Friday, October 27, 2017


so I thought...
Bury my fears or drown my emotions

Who am I kidding they can see right through me, the fears I hold so deep within me, the thoughts of insecurities that eat my soul alive. Regardless of how much I try to hide it, the mirrors within the lies reflect the truth beneath the veil. I'm surrounded by ravenous wolves that seek to devour the innocence in me & divert my faith; leaving me with faded scars & a tarnished heart.

Tell me how do I walk into Your presence,
Unclean, so full of sin.

Tell me how do I walk into Your presence,
In shame

I see the reflection of my enemy chasing me,
so I thought...
Because at the end...

It's been ME...
All along...

"Now where do I turn?.."

Sweet and softly a voice whispers in my ears...
"...Unclean, I take you in."

P.S. As I was writing this blog, God gave me three bible verses & a worship song:

Matthew 7:15
1 Timothy 7:15
Philippians 2:12 

Have It All // Brian Johnson 

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