Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Remove The Mask

    She looks in the mirror and analyzes every inch of her exterior and somehow she believes she can dig within layers of her skin to see exactly whats in her interior. If she doesn't know herself than who else could truly know her. 
   She continues to look at herself as she covers up with layers of clothing to hide the fat that comes out of her belly. She sits in front of her vanity and begins to apply layers of make-up to hide the bags under her eyes due to the tears she poured out last night. As she finishes up, she takes one last glance at herself and says, "Nothing could be better than a smile". 

If the mirror could truly reflect what I feel inside, only than would I have existence in this world.

If you read this & someday you felt this way or you are feeling this way right now, just know it is okay. Sometimes as women we compare ourselves too much to someone else or we go based on what we see in social media. Today, Exhale fear, discomfort and the lies of the enemy. Inhale God's Promises and truth because it's okay to not be okay all the time. Don't hide behind a mask because only when you bring it out into the light you will overcome this mountain because that's all it is, a mountain. & I KNOW YOU KNOW HOW TO CLIMB OVER IT! so breathe out and tell yourself "I AM BEAUTIFUL!" & stomp on the devil!

I encourage you to read the following bible verses:

Ephesians 5:13
Genesis 1:27
Psalm 139:14
Psalm 46:5
Psalm 9:1

Thank you for reading my blog! Until next time! <3

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