Monday, April 23, 2018

Who Am I

I am an Endless Ocean 
filled with unknown waters,
sea creatures and distinctive sand that flows 
through miles of untraveled territories. 
There is gentleness in the depths of the ocean, 
sharp edges that are a constant reminder of the path 
I've crossed along my journey to salvation. 
At sunrise my spirit is awaken by the power 
of the currents and at sunset there comes a sudden 
innocence of low tides that trembles 
over the light of night. 

I am the girl who just like you goes through trials and tribulations. I am the girl that once lost hope in those around her and even lost hope in herself. I am the girl who constantly ran away from what seem "hard" and always looked out to be in her "comfort" zone. I am the girl that still doubts herself at times but acknowledges the fact there is someone in Heaven that is much more greater than her and her so called "fears". I am the girl that everyone try's to figure out but there is so much more than what's in the outside world. 


If you are going through a troubled situation at this very moment and you feel like you don't know who are or where you belong, I declare that as you read this you are given the identity of son/daughter of God. A God who heals in the now, A God who restores in the now, a God that loves you in the now, A God that believes in you regardless of your daily mistakes. Today, grab a hold of His unconditional and reckless love, AMEN! 

Check out the two bible verses below :D 
- Galatians 3:26 
- 2 Corinthians 6:18


  1. Whats funny is that, I’m writing a blog post about how epiphanies and i left it with a hook ending about how I need to find myself and that will be my next post. Idk i found a connection between your post and mine. I loved it btw